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Variable Rate Call Credit



InPhonex Telecom provides our clients total control over the price you charge your customers for long distance calls.  You can create multiple "rate tables" and offer different per minute rates based on the customer account and/or the city/country called.  These rate tables can then be assigned to your customers with our easy to use "Variable Rating" web interface. In addition to creating an unlimited number of customized rate tables, you can control the locations where your customer can place calls and charge connection fees for call attempts. The combination of these features not only allows you have full control of the rates you charge but also gives you the power to create your own unique calling plans so you can increase your profit margins and customer satisfaction.






Why do you need this tool? 


Flexibility In Pricing

InPhonex Telecom offers rates to tens of thousands of destinations around the world.  In order to maximize your profitability, you need to have the flexibility to make your pricing competitive in different markets.  For example, let's say you want to have a rate table that charges 5 cents per minute to call the US and Canada, 20% over our retail prices for 15 other popular countries and 30% over our retail price for the rest of the world.  In the past, this would have been impossible to achieve.  Using the new Variable Rating Tool, you can easily create a rate table that meets these specifications and more.


Creation of your own Calling Plans
InPhonex Telecom offers many unlimited calling plans but we cannot possibly create every combination of countries you might want.  The Variable Rating Tool allows you to create the exact plans you want to offer and you can increase your profit by purchasing prepaid call credit and taking the risk of the unlimited usage.  This means you can create your own unlimited plans and allow many customers to draw from the same call credit balance.  For example, let's say you have a customer who wants unlimited calling to Pakistan, France and England.  You can create a rate table that includes specific prefixes from these countries (mobile vs fixed or city by city) and assign it to your customer.  In addition, you can limit that customer to have access to only a specific amount of call credit.  If the customer uses more than the amount you have allowed, their calls will be blocked until you can review the situation.  Now you can charge your customer a monthly fee and pay InPhonex Telecom by the minute increasing your profit potential dramatically.


Ability to charge "other" fees
The Variable Rating Tool also lets you charge extra fees which are typically associated with calling card services.  For example, you can now charge your customer a "connection fee" for each call they make.  Many calling card providers offer very low rates to certain destinations because they charge a "per call connection fee".  You can now compete with those rates and still be profitable by charging your customer a fee to connect each call.  In addition, you can charge your customer a minimum call duration so that a 30 second call could be billed at two minutes.  Connection fees and minimum call durations will allow you to offer the lowest possible per minute rate without affecting your profitability.


Setting up new rate tables is quick and easy. We have created a powerful application that offers the flexibility you need without requiring you to make complicated calculations.  Getting started is simple.  To create a new rate table, you only need to follow a few short steps and then you can assign it to your customer accounts or directly to a specific users Virtual Number.