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We took a hard look at the kinds of monthly calling plans that our customers were looking for. They didn’t want to be constrained by pre-determined calling programs.  They wanted to be able to include calls to landline and mobile phones. They wanted fixed plans, unlimited plans as well as plan that included calls to any number of countries. Most of all, our customers wanted flexibility on pricing so that their margins could be improved. So InPhonex Telecom introduced the Create-A-Plan tool that allows you to design and create your own monthly calling plans quickly, simply and profitably.


Create-A-Plan allows you to create fixed or unlimited plans which include calls to the countries and types of services (fixed, mobile...) of your choice.  Now you can create calling plans that competitors can't offer.  In addition, you can increase your profit margin by setting your own prices on these monthly recurring plans.


We provide you with advanced features to assist in monitoring usage patterns and suspending service for customers who fall outside of your predetermined calling habits.  This allows you to set a maximum usage and cap your monthly costs to improve profit margins.  Create-A-Plan automatically renews each month so there are no additional administrative requirements for your recurring customers.


Here is an example list of custom calling plans which have been created using the Create-A-Plan Tool: