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InPhonex Telecom

Inbound Channel Management


Adequate, affordable inbound calling capacity is critical for partners, especially those that service businesses.  InPhonex Telecom includes two inbound channels with every DID.  We permit bursting above this per DID channel allocation.  Users that consistently require more than two channels per DID should purchase additional channels.  The InPhonex Telecom platform manages inbound channels to assure that partners are able to design and deliver the solutions their customers demand.  Applications that demand Inbound Channel Management include:


  • Toll-Free Numbers – call centers that utilize toll-free numbers need instantaneous access to thousands of inbound channels.  InPhonex Telecom has the capacity to accommodate the demands of high-volume inbound call centers.

  • PRI Replacement – increasingly businesses are swapping their TDM trunks for SIP trunks.  PRIs allow a business to have a large number of DIDs that share a limited number of channels (23 channels in the case of a PRI).  InPhonex Telecom partners can offer customers the ability to have hundreds of DIDs and share the aggregate channels.