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Enhanced 911



911 dialingEnhanced 911 or E-911 is a North American telecommunications based system that automatically associates a physical address with the calling party's telephone number, and routes the call to the most appropriate Public (PSAP) for that address. The caller's address and information is displayed to the call taker immediately upon call arrival. This provides emergency responders with the location of the emergency without the person calling for help having to provide it. This is often useful in times of fires, break-ins, kidnapping, and other events where communicating one's location is difficult or impossible.


The system only works in North America if the emergency telephone number 911 is called.  The final destination of an E911 call (where the 911 operator sits) is a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). There may be multiple PSAPs within the same exchange or one PSAP may cover multiple exchanges. The territories (Emergency Service Zone) covered by a single PSAP is based on the dispatch and response arrangements for the fire, police, and medical services for a particular area. Most PSAPs have a regional Emergency Service Number (ESN), a number identifying the PSAP.  The Caller Location Information (CLI) provided is normally integrated into emergency dispatch center's computer-assisted dispatch (CAD) system.


According to FCC regulations all "interconnected VoIP" users – those that are able to make or receive calls to the PSTN must be able to dial 911 to reach emergency services.


InPhonex Telecom allows partners to deliver a FCC-compliant E911 solution.  InPhonex Telecom utilizes Intrado, a division of West Corporation and a market leader with over two decades of experience providing 911 services to carriers, for certain aspects on our E911 solution.