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InPhonex Telecom

In-Network Services


In-Network Call Services are a burgeoning type of service within VoIP networks.  The InPhonex Multi-Service Platform supports the incorporation of in-network services that deliver desired capabilities to end users and increased revenue to our partners.  Here are examples of in-network call services currently active on our platform:


Free 411  


Free411, a service of Jingle Networks, enables InPhonex Telecom end users to dial 411 and receive nationwide directory assistance for no charge.  The cost of the service is offset by playing a targeted ad to callers.  This can save consumers several dollars a month and for a business the savings can be in the thousands.

Phad Communications  


PHAD is a novel service that lets people call numbers in the US, Canada, Mexico, and more countries soon for free.  Callers hear less than 60 seconds of ads before being able to make an entirely free 10 minute call.



In-Call Media


Just like traditional advertising...only BETTER!





At the most basic level, think of In-Call Media just like traditional banner ads found on millions of websites throughout the world. The primary difference being that rather than integrating advertising into web sites, In-Call Media advertising is placed in a non-intrusive manner onto phone calls. Instead of discussing “eyeballs” to our advertisers, we are now talking about “ears” and “captive listeners.”

Rather than inserting banners into web sites, In-Call Media advertising inserts audio spots directly into the call streams of various high-call volume applications. Think about the front end of cell phone call while your party is being located. Or when you call 411 or a teleconferencing service. These are all currently applications where In-Call Media is being successfully being utilized by advertisers.

The hot phrase in the advertising world is that “phone calls are the new page views” - and we couldn't agree more.

When you look closely, the reality is that phone calls are far better than page views. In-Call Media is delivered directly into the ear of an intended audience, so there is no waste. And given the precise targeting of In-Call Media, you have a substantially better chance or reaching an engaged audience.

For those that think that advertising is already too prevalent in our lives and consumers will not accept another “intrusion” by ads - think again. Results so far have shown that In-Call Media enhances the caller’s experience, through lower rates, better service, or both.

Hundreds of millions of audio impressions have already been delivered into diverse call streams and it’s unequivocally clear that consumers are engaged by the concept of In-Call Media. In 2006 the overall click through rate for the In-Call Media was approaching 15%, with complete 2007 results tracking slightly higher. In fact, on certain campaigns the click through rate has been shown to exceed 25%.

Try finding those type of success numbers in other forms of advertising!