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InPhonex Telecom

Shopping Services


Magento Open Source eCommerceInPhonex Telecom provides powerful tools to assist you in delivering a shopping cart solution for your customers to interact with. Whether you have an existing shopping cart or require one, InPhonex Telecom can help you provide a better shopping experience. If you do not have an existing shopping cart, we have integrated a third party shopping cart, Magento, with our powerful API Shopping Service. This fully customizable shopping cart can be installed on your server or hosted by VarPhonex, and is already pre-configured to work with our API. You can select which products are available from our platform and you can even sell your own independent products as well. You are given control over how and when orders are processed so you can limit fraud and bad orders. This solution also allows for easy management of your monthly recurring services. Our API can also be easily integrated with any existing shopping cart. Once an order has been approved/paid in your existing cart, you can configure our API to submit that order to our platform, just as if your customer ordered directly from us. Once that order is completed on our side, you can complete the order in your cart and notify your customer, creating a seamless experience for the end user.