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Custom Dial Plan



Custom Dial Plan The Custom Dial Plan feature allows partners to setup an easy method of automatically inserting, removing or replacing dialing numbers so customers will have fewer digits to dial, in most cases. With CDP, the system can be setup to automatically dial the country codes, area codes, city codes, etc, which will allow faster and easier dialing to most areas.


The Custom Dial Plan feature allows our partners to "normalize" the dialing to a customer’s locality.  By default, customers must dial 011+ when making calls outside of the US and Canada and 1+ when making calls to the US and Canada.  When customers are making calls through their local phone company, they don't typically dial this way. The purpose of this tool is to allow partners to edit the dialing pattern to be consistent with the way customers are used to dialing through their local telephone company.


For Example
When dialing from Mexico City to Mexico City with the local phone company in Mexico, the customer can simply dial the phone number (no international calling code, country code or city code).  In this case, using our Custom Dial Plan, a partner has the ability to set rules to remove the need for their customers to dial 011 and the country code 52 for Mexico.  Now, the user experience matches what they dial with the local phone company and our system will process it and connect the call correctly. It doesn't matter which device is being used as the rules are applied directly through our Control Panel and no need to make changes on the configuration of devices.