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InPhonex Telecom

Our Goals


  • To attract many additional large strategic partners.
  • To develop additional direct sales channels to capture significant shares of certain niche markets.
  • To continue to deliver differentiated power and flexibility to resellers, businesses, and consumers.
  • To leverage our internal expertise to bring innovative hybrid services to the market.


Our Successes


  • Maintained positive cash flow with no debt since shortly after founding.
  • Created and have continued to define turn-key, private label VoIP for resale.
  • Currently more than 3,000 resellers worldwide rely on InPhonex to deliver and support their VoIP offerings.
  • Continuously delivered groundbreaking, award-winning product innovations.
  • More than 250,000 end users are registered on our platform today.


InPhonex Telecom Focus


InPhonex Telecom is focused on three partnership opportunities:

  • Businesses with a current distribution channel or customer base that is a fit for digital telephony services.
  • Businesses with a current product or service that can be combined with digital telephony services.
  • Businesses that are currently offering digital telephony services directly or through partners and lack the capabilities to efficiently enable a differentiated, high-margin solution with a global footprint.

Leveraging an experienced team of two dozen application developers to design and create custom solutions.