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InPhonex Telecom

Our Team

Chief Executive Officer: Kooi Lim

  • Founder of KCL.net, a provider of Internet services to businesses and consumers
  • Founder of Superclone, a computer parts distributor
  • More than 25 years experience in creating and managing technology-based businesses


Chief Sales Officer: Matt Bramson

  • Led Business Development for XO Communications, direct report to legendary investor Carl Icahn
  • Co-founder & VP of Sales for an IVR service bureau and interactive advertising pioneer
  • More than 15 years sales and executive leadership experience in telecom and technology-based businesses


Chief Technology Officer: John Schwenk

  • CTO for ValueClick from founding through successful IPO
  • Vice President of Information Systems for Hiway Technologies
  • More than 25 years experience managing software and platform development teams

Platform Architect: Bill Nesbitt

  • Founder of Hiway Technologies, a website hosting provider
  • President of Unicom Business Solutions
  • More than 25 years in software and systems development and executive management

Supported by a skilled team of more than 40 dedicated professionals in the US, Brazil, and Argentina.



Our Organization


InPhonex Personal   InPhonex Personal
Telephony products and services marketed directly to consumers.
InPhonex Business   InPhonex Business
Telephony products and services marketed directly to businesses.
InPhonex Resale   InPhonex Resale
Turn-key, private-label digital telephony services via advanced online tools for thousands of resellers worldwide.
InPhonex Telecom   InPhonex Telecom
Enabling leading businesses to layer telephony products and services onto complementary products and distribution channels.