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InPhonex Telecom

Our Strengths


Our team
We have assembled a team of qualified individuals committed to excellence and able to service our customers in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese

Our Platform
To the best of our knowledge there is not one more powerful, reliable, or flexible in the industry

Our Interfaces
Our APIs, Reseller Administration Panel, and User Control Panel are innovative and award-winning

Our Experience
Six years of pioneering and profitability

Our Customers
More than 3,000 resellers and 250,000 end users

Our Financial Stability
22 quarters of free cash flow and no debt of any kind



Our Business Plan


INPHONEX has a three-prong strategy to realize high-margin growth:

  • Through our InPhonex Resale business unit we will continue to be the unrivaled choice for VoIP resellers by delivering exceptional power and control coupled with world-class support in multiple languages
  • Under our InPhonex Personal and Business brand we will target promising business and consumer niches with packaged solutions and focused marketing
  • Through InPhonex Telecom we will develop integrated, custom product and distribution arrangements with industry leaders

We will maintain an execution-focused culture that rewards accomplishment.