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Telecom Wholesalers



Telecom Wholesalers are businesses that act as intermediaries between telecom carriers and high-volume users of telecommunications services, particularly termination. Typically wholesalers focus on the price at which they can procure telecom services for two reasons: their clients expect them to get better pricing then they could get on their own and the spread between their buy rate and sell rate is generally the sole source of compensation to the wholesaler. Wholesalers value several things that InPhonex Telecom delivers:



  1. Speed – wholesalers’ clients have calls they need to terminate and when they are looking for a supplier they need to find one as quickly as possible. A large wholesale deal can disappear in hours if the wholesaler cannot get a firm quote from a supplier. InPhonex Telecom understands this and to support wholesalers we have experienced account managers available by phone, email, or live chat.

  2. Pricing – the ability to get the right price is usually the difference between winning and losing a wholesale deal. InPhonex Telecom maintains more than 50 active SIP termination routes in order to deliver aggressively-priced, reliable worldwide service.

  3. Integrity – InPhonex Telecom has been in business more than six years and we value long-term relationships. We do what we say we’re going to do. Period.

  4. Transparency – the ability to monitor a client’s usage is important for wholesalers. Through the Partner Administration Panel wholesalers can access real-time call detail records, verify that rates are being applied accurately, and monitor usage levels. This information is available online from anywhere at any time.

  5. Reliability – inexpensive service that doesn’t perform is no bargain. InPhonex Telecom can work with wholesalers to set up customized classes of service to properly balance price and quality so that the client gets the service they need at the price they’re willing to pay.