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Service Distributors



Service Distributors are businesses that have as a core competency the ability to distribute services and products to businesses and consumers. For many their distribution capabilities are well-suited for marketing voice services. Examples include:

Multi-Level Marketers (MLM)
MLMs are dependent on two things for continuous success: a strong and growing distribution network and products that excite customers and distributors. Internet telephony services are an ideal offering for MLMs:

  • they are the result of groundbreaking, new technology
  • they offer tremendous benefit to consumers
  • they are easy to distribute
  • and they generate a monthly-recurring revenue stream that can provide for significant commissions.

Telecom Agents
Most telecom agents currently have relationship with VoIP suppliers but many lack a solution to the following types of opportunities:

  • SOHOs and very small businesses: many agent channel programs are focused on services delivered via a T-1 or larger circuit. This leaves out a huge segment of the market. Maybe this is not a segment you want to focus on but shouldn’t you have a simple, effective, lucrative solution for those the smaller opportunities that you come across.
  • International locations: Increasingly businesses have at last one location outside the US. InPhonex Telecom can provide services worldwide with local phone numbers in thousands of cities in 70 countries.
  • Non-standard business needs: How often do your agents come across an opportunity that you can’t find a provider to address?


Sales Organizations
Any business with effective sales channels - direct or indirect, inside or outside, B2B or B2C – should consider offering voice services.  The market is huge, the services are easy and fast to provision, and the margins are good.  InPhonex Telecom can help a sales organization develop successful, lucrative offerings.


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