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InPhonex Telecom

Service Bundlers



Service Bundlers are businesses that provide a service or services today that can be bundled with telecommunications services. Examples include:

Hosted PBX

InPhonex Telecom can allow you to create calling plans, offer DIDs from thousands of cities and towns in more than 70 countries, provide number porting in 13 countries, and deliver A-Z termination.


Voice service is complementary to Internet access, customers want a bundle, ARPU is doubled, and churn reduces by 25%.


Satellite TV
Many satellite television customers are seeking an alternative – looking for better service at a better price. Voice service fits this model. InPhonex Telecom can help you offer Voice service that is not only dramatically more functional than traditional service but it’s also about 40% less money.


Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
Voice is an IP application. It can be a complementary offering to services like Hosted Exchange, Hosted CRM, and other hosted applications. The name of the game is to sell as many applications as possible to obtain as much revenue per seat as possible – Voice can help.