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Case Studies

Case Studies


InPhonex Telecom has a winning strategy with the team and culture to execute successfully. We have a leadership team with decades of proven entrepreneurial and executive performance. Our founders have the means and will to capitalize growth opportunities. We are proud to have a loyal, profitable, and growing base of partners, resellers, business, and residential customers.


Here are some examples of our most recent partner solutions.



Fonality, an award-winning leader in providing phone systems and contact center solutions, has more than 5,000 business customers with 125,000 end users in 100 countries. When they wanted to launch UNBOUND, a hosted version of their solution, they looked to InPhonex Telecom for local phone numbers and local number portability, custom calling plans, and business-grade reliability and service quality. Fonality linked their online order process to the InPhonex Telecom platform via APIs for a seamless, branded user experience.

Direct Plus  

Direct Plus, DIRECTV’s 2008 MDU Dealer of the Year, provides satellite television and Internet service to more than 15,000 apartment units. With InPhonex Telecom they have added Voice to their offerings and can now match their cable and telco competitors with a triple play.

VIP Connectz  

VIP Connectz is a global multi-level marketing organization with more than 5,000 distributors worldwide. InPhonex Telecom helped them create a complete product line of telecommunications services for their global customer base.


Witel created the Jetter, a full-featured WiFi phone. Witel used InPhonex Telecom to create a compelling product/service bundle and offered that bundle through a Witel-branded online store linked to the InPhonex Telecom platform for real-time ordering and provisioning.


Nuance is the leading provider of speech solutions for businesses and consumers worldwide. Nuance solutions are employed by some of the largest corporations in the world to allow customers to purchase airline tickets, check bank balances, refill prescriptions, and perform other self-service transactions using only their voice. Nuance’s clients consider these transactions to be mission-critical and demand that all new applications be rigorously tested before being put into production. Key performance criteria include speech recognition accuracy and simultaneous-call capacity. Nuance relies on InPhonex Telecom for all their pre-production application testing. The InPhonex Telecom platform allows Nuance to send thousands of simultaneous, high-quality calls – sustaining the load on the applications for several hours – to their new applications. If a Nuance application can withstand what the InPhonex Telecom platform can throw at it then it is certified ready for customer use.


InfoSpan Pakistan   InfoSpan Pakistan, is the Pakistani business unit of InfoSpan Incorporated, a $32 million technology consulting provider with 750 employees worldwide.  InfoSpan provides outsourced services including contact center services, finance & accounting, IT outsourcing, software development, and radiology transcription services to Fortune 500 enterprises as well as small and medium-sized businesses.  To support the operations of their Pakistani division, InfoSpan needs a telecommunications partner that can deliver high-quality, reliable, cost-effective, global communications services.  InPhonex Telecom Partner Solutions provides InfoSpan Pakistan with the ideal solution for their needs and, in a fiercely competitive market, they have remained a loyal customer for more than three years.