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InPhonex Telecom



Before creating INPHONEX our founders, Bill Nesbitt and Kooi Lim, built highly-successful start-ups.

  • Hiway Technologies, founded by Bill Nesbitt, was acquired by Verio in 1998 for $400 million.

  • Superclone, founded by Kooi Lim, sold more than $150 million in computers and computer components from 1988 to 2004.

  • KCL.net, founded by Kooi Lim in 1996, is an ISP that provides hosting, collocation, and broadband services to businesses and consumers.

INPHONEX brings these two entrepreneurs together to capitalize on the opportunity to spread the revolution of VoIP communications technology.





  • INPHONEX founded to capitalize on the opportunity to provide private-label services to the emerging hosted applications marketplace – especially hosted telephony services. Achieved positive cash flow later that year. The company has maintained positive cash flow for 22 successive quarters.


  • Pioneered the first turn-key private-label VoIP resale solution



  • Delivered an advanced control panel to users
  • Offered customers and resellers a ground-breaking USB flash phone
  • Won “Best In Show” at the Internet Telephony Conference and Expo-Miami



  • Launched a low-cost IP-PBX
  • Delivered complete APIs to resellers.



  • Named an “Emerging Tech Dynamo” by CRN



  • Launched Create-A-Plan, the most powerful VoIP reseller tool ever devised
  • Provided users customizable dial plans
  • Named one of six “Emerging Vendors” by ChannelWeb



  • Developed Enterprise Communications Platform (ECP), a hosted solution for multi-location businesses
  • Developed InPhonex Multi-Service Platform (IMP) the most flexible and powerful digital telephony platform in the industry
  • InPhonex Telcom formed to fully realize the founders’ original inspiration